South Grand Lake Regional Airport

South Grand Lake Regional Airport
by  S. Brent Howard

City associated with your airport:  Ketchum, OK

750 +/-

How did this airport get it's name?
Name changed from Ketchum Airport to South Grand Lake Regional Airport to describe location served and facilities to expect.

Brief history of airport:
Grass Strip with four aircraft pole barn for 15 years. Transformation to Jet Capable Regional Airport began in 2004.

Amenities of this airport:
5,220 x 60 Runway. Partial Parallel Taxi, Fuel/Parking Ramp. Rental Cars, Shuttle Service.

Recent improvements made at this airport:
New fuel farm – Jet Fuel, Av Gas with 24 hr Cr Card. Internet Surveillance System, WiFi Hot Spot,

Improvements planned:
15 acres currently under development: Terminal, Operations Hangar, 36 hangar lots. Runway lighting, GPS approach, extend runway, AWOS, land acquisition. Full Service FBO begins operation on completion of Operations Hangar.

Major obstacles that have had to be overcome at this airport:
Funding, Patience, and selling the Economic Development value of the airport for the Region to the local population.

If cost were not a consideration, what one change would you make in your airport?
Acquire more land at the get go and hire Airport Planner sooner.

Airport is managed by:
Airport Authority; S. Brent Howard, Chairman

Tell us about any unusual or special visitors (human or otherwise) to your airport:
All our visitors are special. A lot of dignitaries’ visit that prefer not to be publicized.

What would we find most surprising about your airport or community?
Lake Community and non local support of the airport.

If we flew into your airport and wanted to spend the day, what would you tell us to see or do... and where would you suggest we eat?
“Grand Lake where the action is package” includes; list of 101 things to do, maps, restaurants, transportation, community services, etc.

Something you would like to add that we did not ask:
For information contact: Brent Howard. 918-63-1855 Cell, or

Website for your airport or community:

S. Brent Howard, Chairman of the South Grand Lake Airport Authority has been the driving force behind the airport.  He was a speaker at the 2008 OAOA Annual Conference.  Following is just a partial list of his activities and qualifications.

 South Grand Lake Airport Authority: Chairman,  Founder Grass to Jet Capable Regional Airport

Grand Lake Area Chamber of Commerce: President,  Treasurer, Director 6 years,  Economic Development Chairman, Platinum Member

Grand Lake Economic Development Council: Co founder and Vice Chairman

Grand Lake Visitor and Community Center, LLC: Treasurer

Grand Lake Boaters Association: Treasurer

South Grand Lake Scholarship Fund: Chairman,  Past Treasurer

Grand Lake Association: 2006 Life Time Award Member

South Grand Laker of the Year Award (2005)

Ketchum Economic Development Council: Founder